University of Tehran - School of ECE
Internet Engineering
Instructor: Ramtin Khosravi

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About this course

The aim of this course is to cover the basic techniques in the development of Internet/web programs and introduce issues in design of an Internet-scale application architecture. At the end of this course, the students are able to develop a Rich Internet Application (RIA) with a JavaScript front-end and a Java back-end. Also, they are familiar with the challenges in architecting these kind of applications in various aspects including performance, scalability, availability, security, etc. Other topics on client-server architectures, mobile applications, service-based computing, Web 2.0 and social networks are discussed briefly during the course.


The technology-related parts of the course are presented based on several resources that will be listed on the course homepage on CECM.

The architectural parts are presented based on the following textbook, and the updates to the book.

Other books and resources that will be used as course references:

The assignments, sample programs, and slides presented during classes can be accessed via CECM page.


The final score of the students are computed according to the following weights:

Assignments and Final Project
8 pts
Mid-Term Exam
6 pts
Final Exam
6 pts

Important Notes:


The course emphasizes practices of programming through weekly computer assignments (CAs). The assignments are accessible through the course CECM page. The CAs are tested automatically for correctness and manually for design and style. The final project of the term is scheduled for the last three weeks of the term.